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Here you can download the apps needed on your source device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone...) to transfer the data. These are available for Windows, macOS, Android.


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Product name:Klick&Show K-WM
File size:440 MB
Release Date:24.01.2024

Change log version K1204


  1. Completely new design of the Klick&Show user interface:
    The user interface of the Klick&Show product family has been completely redesigned and made more modern and intuitive, including the Home screen, the PC client for Windows and MacOS and the web menu interface.
  2. The Home screen can now be customized in a more flexible way, through:
    - individually loadable Home screen pages, whereby up to 2 individual pages are now automatically combined to form an animated Home screen,
    - a separately loadable customer logo,
    - an adjustable font color for the Home-screen status bar to enable a color design adapted to the loaded logo. 
  3. New digital signage function that automatically displays online content when the system is not in use for a meeting. Klick&Show system is not in use for a meeting. The digital signage function can be configured comprehensively with regard to URL (web address), display times, display days, type of display (full screen / with status bar).
  4. New "Window" function in the Klick&Show-client, with which only the content of a selected application window is transferred instead of the complete desktop.
  5. Miracast on Windows now supports touchback for use with interactive displays (1 touch point). The feature is available in both Miracast modes, Miracast Direct mode (Peer-2-Peer) and Miracast Infrastructure mode (MS-MICE).
  6. The web menu has been comprehensively expanded and now offers a "dashboard" at the admin level, which displays the most important configuration parameters at a glance, as well as a "setup wizard" that guides you step-by-step through the configuration during initial startup.
  7. When displaying several contents at the same time (split-screen function), the maximum number of contents (4, 3, 2 or 1) can now be defined in addition to the window layout. With only 1 content, a direct switchover takes place when a participant changes.
  8. In the security settings, the number of predefined security levels has been reduced from 3 to 2 for a better overview. As before, a "user-defined" setting of individual security parameters is possible as an additional option.
  9. Optimization of stability and performance for transmissions with Airplay.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented touchback via the client for MacOS. Klick&Show client for MacOS was not possible.
  2. Correction of an error where the use of the Klick&Show client for MacOS on a MacBook Pro with M1 processor resulted in an incorrect display of the transferred content.
  3. Fixed a bug where the progress indicator displayed inaccurate values during a firmware update via the web interface.
  4. Various minor bug fixes

Known Errors:

  1. none


  1. Renewal of the internal WiFi driver to support different hardware generations.

Application software

Wireless Media
for Windows
(automatic start)

Wireless Media Portable
for Windows
(manual start)

Wireless Media
for Android

Wireless Media
for macOS

Mac & Windows


Quick Start Guide

User manual

License Matters

Logo overlay on the homescreen

RS232/Telnet commands
(Excel table)

Data sheet

Firmware history

Product name:Klick&Show K-WM
File size:431 MB
Release Date:16.02.2023

Change log version K1047


  1. Optimized support for Miracast:
    In "Wireless Infrastructure" network mode, devices now support Klick&Show K-WM devices now support both Miracast peer-to-peer (P2P) connections and Miracast-over-Infrastructure (MS MICE) without using the optional Klick&Show USB Wifi adapter. With optional Klick&Show USB Wifi Adapter, Miracast P2P and MS MICE are also supported in Accesspoint and LAN Infrastructure network modes.
  2. Preparation for future support of firmware downloads from Kindermann OTA server 
  3. Support for HTTPS access to internal web interface
  4. New "Pause Sharing" function in the WirelessMedia client, which can be used to temporarily freeze the image content of the laptop during an active transfer
  5. When using the WirelessMedia client in conjunction with base devices with an older hardware and firmware version, there is no longer a message informing you to adapt the client.
  6. Introduction of the new Klick&Show Screen Link function:
    The Screen Link function enables 2 Klick&Show base devices to be linked so that the now duplicated HDMI outputs and processors form a more powerful base system with dual monitor output and extended functionality
  7. Klick&Show Now offers additional support for secure 802.1X EAP-TLS authentication for wired connection via Ethernet

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug where a Miracast-over-Infrastructure connection could not be established over LAN port 1.
  2. Fixed a bug where English was not set as the factory language when performing a reset.
  3. The pop-up screen message indicating the successful completion of the update after a firmware update now disappears automatically after 30 seconds and no longer needs to be confirmed by a PC mouse connected to the base

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app, multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10.
Product name:Klick&Show K-WM
File size:429 MB
Release Date:May 2022

Change log version K1046


  1. The security level has been raised in the basic configuration. From now on, security level 2 and an 8-digit PIN code are preset .
  2. CEC control extended: A compatible display device can now also Klick&Show K-WM now also wake up from standby
  3. Manual search for OTA updates 
  4. The time server can be configured manually
  5. Local time servers are supported
  6. Chromecast support under Android via Google Home App
  7. The switching interval between the home screens can now be configured.
  8. Splitscreen display: If a unit is enlarged from the splitscreen to the fullscreen mode and then reduced again, the display is retained.

Bug fixes:

  1. Audio playback via HDMI now also works correctly in connection with a projector with WUXGA (1920×1080) resolution.
  2. Airplay was adapted to the requirements of computers with Apple Silicon (M1)
  3.  Software adaptation to MacOS Monterey, which now only supports 4-digit Airplay pins
  4. Admin passwords with more than 16 characters could be assigned but not entered

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app, multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10.
Product name:Klick&Show K-WM
File size:423 MB
Release Date:August 2021
Version:K1045 (basic firmware)

Basic version K1045