Use Cases

BYOM - Video conference in the meeting room

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) is the logical consequence of the changing way of working. Hybrid teams are the order of the day today and new concepts are needed for spontaneous video conferences. Every meeting room or huddle space should be able to be used for this in the simplest way possible.

And that's where Klick&Show K-FX comes in, making it easy to use video soundbars, cameras and speakerphones wirelessly with your notebook.

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BYOD - classic presentation

Put an end to missing cables, mismatched interfaces, and meeting delays. Klick&Show gives employees and guests the freedom to present content wirelessly, no matter what device they're using.

And all this in the simplest way, without complicated configuration, software installation or waiting times.

Simply start the app or plug in the transmitter and present.

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Universities and large companies

Wireless presentation in many rooms such as classrooms, lecture halls or conference rooms with constant users must be simple and affordable. Here is Klick&Show K-WM the ideal solution that combines both. It doesn't matter whether a classroom is equipped with notebooks or tablets, or whether participants use their own devices.

The ManageTool supports the central management and relieves the administration.

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Teaching/education area

Modern didactics believes that content can only be properly grasped when all participants are involved and work together interactively.

Teachers and students can use Klick&Showregardless of the end device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and operating system, bring their content wirelessly to the large display and edit it.

The result:
Increased attention creates greater learning and teaching success and ultimately more fun in the classroom.

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