Klick & Show - Your Wireless Presentation System by Kindermann

Wireless Presentation System for small to mid-sized meeting rooms, classrooms and huddle spaces.

During meetings or presentations people like to concentrate on the real important things – content and ideas. The Kindermann Klick & Show presentation system allows users to share content from their laptops or mobile devices in a very simple way – without any configuration, without cables and without delay times.

BYOD Collaboration – simple and secure

Its simple operation makes Kindermann Klick & Show the right choice for enterprise-wide deployment in meeting rooms and huddle spaces or in educational facilities or seminar hotels. You can rest assured that your content is secured while being transmitted wirelessly, due to the implementation of security standards.

Kindermann Klick & Show is available as a kit, containing the K-10S base unit and two Klick & Show TOUCH transmitters. Additional transmitters can be purchased as an option. Drahtlose Präsentationstechnik von Kindermann

The Klick & Show K-10S base unit is a powerful cross-platform BYOD („Bring your own Device“) receiver and AV/IT bridge with built-in IEEE 802.11n/ac WiFi function (2,4 + 5 GHz) and integrated RJ45 network interface for processing audio-visual content from different devices and types of media.

The Klick & Show TOUCH transmitter is a compact WiFi sender, coming in a sleek design of an easy-to-use touch-sensitive dongle, which is connected to the laptop via USB.

A slight touch of the dongle surface activates the laptop as the active source during a presentation of a single person or group of persons and live content is mirrored to the main display. The dongle features a dual-color LED indicator and „force-feedback“ vibration to provide feedback about the activity status to the user. Klick & Show TOUCH is the easy-to-use approach to collaboration.


Touch & Go!

Using Kindermann Klick & Show you can collaborate with other meeting participants, including guests, and present audio-visual content, even without any training.

Windows and Mac laptop users simply connect the Klick & Show TOUCH Transmitter to a USB port of their device. With a short touch on the sensor button your live laptop content is mirrored to the main display device. Users of Apple or Android mobile devices can download the free app to share their content – or use the built-in Airplay function instead (for iOS devices only).

Wired content, e.g. from a PCs or DVD player, can be presented using the 4K HDMI input port of the Klick & Show base unit.

Kindermann Klick & Show –
Mainfeatures of our Wireless Presentation System

PC/Mac compatible

Wireless transmission via the Klick & Show TOUCH transmitter for Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac laptops and PCs to the base unit.

iOS & Android App
Free apps, for wireless content sharing from iOS & Android mobile devices to the base unit.

Supports „Airplay“ for wireless content mirroring from iOS devices, without using an app.

Choose between mirroring your primary or secondary laptop desktop to the main display device.

Low-Latency 1080p
Wireless, smooth transmission with high 1080P resolution and low latency < 130ms.

Fast switching between different sources in less than 1s.

Built-in USB-HID function for connecting touch-displays and interactive boards.

Optional simplified powering of the base unit via Power-over-Ethernet.

AES WPA2PSK authentication protocol for secure signal transmission.

Local Media Playback
Push videos, pictures and music for playback to the Klick & Show base unit while using the Android or iOS app.

Use your PC or MAC browser for wireless file-transfer of all kinds of media through the base unit, including saving the files on mobile devices and wireless presentation of these formats (among them Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc.) on the main display.

Allows remote-viewing of the active signal on the participant’s mobile device.

Prevents unauthorized activation of the „Remote-View“ function.

Allows mouse cursor control of the current presenter’s PC or Mac laptop by using a mobile device in a way a gyroscope mouse is used.

Wireless AP
Built-in WiFi access point to set-up a standalone WiFi network between PC-sources/mobile devices and the base unit, instead of occupying an existing company/campus network. IEEE 802.11n/ac standard for transmission rates up to 1 Gbps. Choose between 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz band to minimize interference with other WiFi networks.

Additional LAN port on base unit, to link mobile devices to a LAN network or internet whilst being connected to the Klick & Show base unit over WiFi.

HDMI 2.0 Out
Powerful built-in HDMI 2.0 scaling-engine for high resolution 4K/60 Hz signal output to modern, large-format Ultra-HD 4K displays.

Auxiliary HDMI input for connection of external 4K / 60Hz HDMI sources (e.g. document camera, DVD, Blu-ray™) or to attach a wired laptop.

For feeding local stereo signals into the base unit and for connecting the de-embedded audio to a downstream audio system.

Future-proof due to simple firmware-upgrade feature via USB port.