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Test Kindermann Klick&Show for 21 days free of charge in 3 easy steps:

1. register via Klick&Show Try&Buy online form
2. provision of the device by specialized trade partner
3. test & decide

Klick&Show is a family of universal wireless systems for wireless presentations from laptops and mobile devices (BYOD, Bring-Your-Own-Device) and for wireless hybrid conferencing (BYOM, Bring-Your-Own-Meeting). With Klick&Show users can easily share audiovisual content from their laptops or mobile devices - without wires, without hassle, and without wasting time. Klick&Show K-FX also transforms traditional conference rooms into hybrid meeting rooms, facilitating collaboration between the office and remote participants.

YES, I would like to receive Kindermann Klick&Show for 21 days free of charge to test 1:
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The Klick&Show Try&Buy test position is coordinated by a specialized trade partner:*.

Klick&Show Try&Buy shall preferably be coordinated by the following specialized trade partner 2:

Together with Klick&Show K-FX I would like to test the following USB conference accessories 3:

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Supplementary notes on the procedure of the Klick&Show Try&Buy test position:

  1. The Klick&Show Try&Buy program is available exclusively to commercial end users within Europe, USA and Latin America. After registering via the online form, you will receive a short confirmation on your screen and your contact details will be passed on to a reseller partner for contact and further coordination.The trial period of 21 days starts on the day the goods are made available. Depending on the country and the actual availability of the test devices, the test goods will be delivered either by Kindermann, by a local distributor or by a local retail partner.A few days before the end of the test period, the retailer will contact you again to coordinate the return of the goods and to prepare an offer if you are interested in buying. Even if you are interested in buying, the test device will always be returned and you will then receive a new product. The Klick&Show Try&Buy test is free of charge for the end user. The only costs incurred are those for returning the goods. Individual services that go beyond the mere provision of the test equipment by shipping as part of the Klick&Show Try&Buy can be agreed directly with the retail partner and may be subject to a charge. The test equipment must be returned within 21 days at the latest in the same condition as it was received in its original packaging, including all accessories. Test goods that are not returned on time, damaged or incomplete will be invoiced by the specialist dealer.
  2. The specification of a preferred reseller is optional if you already have a suitable partner for the procurement of conference technology. The prerequisite is that this partner has an existing business relationship with Kindermann or an authorized Kindermann distribution partner in the respective country. If no preferred reseller is named, your Try&Buy request will be forwarded to a partner of our choice.
  3. The availability of the desired USB conference accessories together with a Klick&Show K-FX system depends on the actual availability at Kindermann, the Kindermann distributor or the reseller in the respective country and may not be guaranteed or may involve longer waiting times. In this case, an alternative conferencing accessory product can be coordinated with the dealer.

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