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Prodotto nome: Klick & Show K-10S Kit (7488000300)
Firmware Versione: V2.2.8C.K1058
Dimensione file: 382 MB
Rilascio data:12.12.2018

New Features:

  • Add Security Level 1-3 function to satisfy different security requirements (see chap. 5.5)
  • Add Extended Desktop functionality for Windows 10 operation system (see chap. 6.1)
  • Add Time display in Home screen, when connected via LAN to NTP time server (see chap. 2.3)


  • Update the Home screen (GUI) graphics for button-TOUCH and dongleless software client (dual-use)
  • Changed default "WirelessMedia" window, as small window, when using the dongle
  • Change automatically to small window in dongleless mode, when the connection was made
  • Update the warning messages when the version of "WirelessMedia" driver or button TOUCH do not match with Base-unit
  • Do “Eject” immediately when user SEE or CLICK “OK, USB driver is safely removed!” when copying Start-program „WirelessMedia.exe“ to USB-stick
  • When "Auto change WiFi password" is set to “never”, the password will be saved, even when power is lost
  • Change term "SSID" to "ID" in Home screen for future applications

Solved Bugfixes: 

  • "WirelessMedia" driver for MacOS is not compatible with older Macs (CPU)
  • When switching at "WirelessMedia" window to external HDMI-IN, the picture was cut on each side

Updating of firmware is recommended for all devices!

“Factory Reset” is NOT needed after update!

Needs update of Firmware of Sensor-button TOUCH (V2.1.7C)
and STARTER program for Windows-Laptop: V2.2.8.5, or for Mac: V1.3.1.5

New features and changes are described in updated User Manual 2.2.8C / E