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Prodotto nome: Klick & Show K-10S Kit (7488000300)
Firmware Versione: V3.1.8C.K1074
Dimensione file: 381 MB
Rilascio data: 27.02.2020

Changes / Improvements:

  • After a successful firmware update of the base unit, please display an additional reminder message: "Please keep in mind to also update your TOUCH transmitters by plugging them into the USB port of the base unit".
  • Green check mark after successful update (actual it’s red – please change to green)

Solved Bug fixes: 

  • Due to the MacBook OS Catalina (ver.10.15), our own sound card Sound-flower doesn’t work for the first-time user with the latest Catalina.
  • “Dongle domain issue”: the dongle will be blocked on the base until a restart of the base unit occurs.


  • Updating of firmware is recommended for all devices!
  • “Factory Reset” is NOT needed after update!
  • Needs update of Firmware of Sensor-button TOUCH V2.2.9C, and STARTER program for Windows-Laptop: V2.4.7.5 , or for Mac: V1.6.3.5
  • New features and changes are described in updated User Manual 3.1.8 C / E