WirelessMedia-Pro for Windows (ManualRun-Starter-APP)

WirelessMedia-Pro for Windows

The standard AutoRun-Starter program of “WirelessMedia for Windows“ is designed for maximum user-friendliness: when plugging in the TOUCH sensor button into the computer's USB port, the driver starts automatically. No admin rights are required to run and install the Starter program "WirelessMedia for Windows". However, the Windows registry is entered, in Windows Autostart section, the driver "WirelessMediaAutoStartC3.exe" is set up as a service, which detects the insertion of the Sensor-button TOUCH into USB and the application launches automatically.

If, due to active Group Policy by IT administrators, the installation of “automatic executed software” in Windows Autoatart is blocked for security reasons, there is the new alternative ManualRun-Starter program without installation, "WirelessMedia-Pro for Windows", which should be manually executed each time, before using Klick & Show in a meeting.

To start the program faster, we recommend setting up a shortcut on the desktop.

To download, please click the right mouse button and save target as