Klick & Show Firmware 3.0 - Update

Kindermann announces
Klick&Show Firmware 3.0
History Realease Notes

Product Name: Klick & Show K-10S Kit (7488000300)
Firmware Version: V3.0.6C.K1064
Filesize: 386 MB
Release Date: 14.05.2019

New Features:

  • Segmented Dual network (LAN+WiFi) with separate Guest ID and Staff ID; ID is shown in Home screen
  • Whiteboard & Annotation: write and draw on whiteboard or make annotations from an interactive device
  • WirelessMedia driver for Mac-PCs can now be used with or without the Sensor-button TOUCH


  • New option in Menu: "Language: Turkish"
  • Update of User-Interface of Mac PC-client software
  • Home screen (GUI) adapted for Dual network
  • Improved performance of "Remote view" ON
  • Limit the channel selection of 5 GHz band (EU) to: 36, 40, 44, 48
  • Add new Telnet commands: "statusbar hide/statusbar show" in Home screen: hide/show ID, PASS, IP address, etc.; "pass refresh": refresh the password ; "pass ?": query password
  • The status display in Home screen can optionally be shown / hidden, when mirroring


  • Updating of firmware is recommended for all devices!
  • “Factory Reset” is NOT needed after update!
  • Needs update of Firmware of Sensor-button TOUCH V2.2.1C and STARTER program for Windows -Laptop: V2.3.6.5 , or for Mac: V1.3.8.5
  • New features and changes are described in updated User Manual 3.0.6 C / E

Klick+Show K-10L Lite (7488000305):

  • Release notes apply also for LITE-version
  • Firmware-Update of LITE-version is only available via USB-stick