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Always keep the firmware of your KLICK&SHOW kit is always up to date. Here you can find the right firmware for your KLICK&SHOW base station.


Here you can download the apps needed on your source device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone...) to transfer the data. These are available for Windows, macOS, Android.


In the documentation you will find concrete step-by-step instructions and diverse explanations.


K-FX Series

Product name:KLICK&SHOW K-FX Series
File size:476 MB
Release Date:19.01.2023

Change log version K3095


  1. BYOM driver now also available for MacOS.
    The MacOS client of KLICK&SHOW now supports, in addition to mirroring laptop content, the retransmission of USB UC device data streams (USB-over-Wifi function) for use in wireless BYOM conferences (Bring-Your-Own-Meeting) via web conferencing platforms such as TEAMS, Zoom, WebEx, etc.
  2. Optimized support for Miracast-over-Infrastructure (MS MICE)
  3. Preparation for future support of firmware downloads from Kindermann OTA server 
  4. Support for HTTPS access to internal web interface
  5. New "Pause Sharing" function in the WirelessMedia client, which can be used to temporarily freeze the image content of the laptop during an active transfer
  6. When using the WirelessMedia client in conjunction with base devices with an older hardware and firmware version, there is no longer a message informing you to adapt the client.
  7. Introduction of the new KLICK&SHOW Screen Link function:
    The Screen Link function enables 2 KLICK&SHOW base devices to link, so that the now duplicated HDMI outputs and processors form a more powerful base system with dual monitor output and extended functionality
  8. KLICK&SHOW Now offers additional support for secure 802.1X EAP-TLS authentication for wired connection via Ethernet
  9. Prioritized retransmission and processing of USB audio streams during wireless BYOD conferences on network connections with limited bandwidth
  10. Automatically adjust the rear USB camera video stream in wireless BYOD conferences, to optimize the required network bandwidth and for improved compatibility with third-party USB webcams.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug where a Miracast-over-Infrastructure connection could not be established over LAN port 1.
  2. Fixed a bug where English was not set as the factory language when performing a reset.
  3. The pop-up screen message indicating the successful completion of the update after a firmware update now disappears automatically after 30 seconds and no longer needs to be confirmed by a PC mouse connected to the base

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app, multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10

Application software

MSI Package
for Windows*

Wireless Media
for Windows

Wireless Media Portable for Windows

Wireless Media
for Android

Wireless Media
for macOS

Mac & Windows

* Driver & WirelessMedia App for automated installation.


Quick Start Guide

User manual

License Matters

Logo overlay on the homescreen

RS232/Telnet commands
(Excel table)

List of compatible UC Devices

Firmware history

Product name:KLICK&SHOW K-FX Series
File size:471 MB
Release Date:07.2022

Change log version K3085


  1. Automatic change of WLAN connection when setting up a UC conference in conjunction with HDMI and USB-C transmitters 
  2. NEW: Test option for USB video and audio devices directly in the WebUI
  3. Improved bandwidth utilisation in LAN infrastructure mode
  4. NEW: Audio output via USB, e.g. via the video soundbar
  5. The security level in the basic configuration has been raised, from now on security level 2 is preset and the PIN code has 8 digits. 
  6. CEC control extended: A compatible display device can now wake the Klick&Show K-FX from standby mode as well.
  7. Manual search for OTA updates 
  8. The time server can be configured manually
  9. Local time servers are supported
  10. Chromecast support under Android via Google Home App
  11. HDMI and USB-C transmitters can now be assigned names
  12. The switching interval between the home screens can now be configured.
  13. Splitscreen display: If a unit is enlarged from the splitscreen to the fullscreen mode and then reduced again, the display is retained.

Bug fixes:

  1. Compatibility with Bose VB1 (Requires FW update of VB1)
  2. Compatibility improvement to the Aver 520Pro2

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app (and the USB-A transmitter), multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10.
  2. A firmware downgrade is only possible if the installation is done via USB stick. (Deletes the configuration)
Product name: KLICK&SHOW K-FX Series
File size: 459 MB
Release Date: 01.2022
Version: K3074

Basic version K3074

Known Errors:

  1. Not compatible with Bose VB1
  2. Not compatible with Logitech Rallybar