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Always keep the firmware of your KLICK&SHOW kit is always up to date. Here you can find the right firmware for your KLICK&SHOW base station.


Here you can download the apps needed on your source device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone...) to transfer the data. These are available for Windows, macOS, Android.


In the documentation you will find concrete step-by-step instructions and diverse explanations.


K-4x Series

Product name:KLICK&SHOW K-4x series
File size:449 MB
Release Date:12.01.2023

Change log version K1082


  1. Optimized support for Miracast:
    In "Wireless Infrastructure" network mode, devices now support KLICK&SHOW K-40 devices now support both Miracast peer-to-peer (P2P) connections and Miracast-over-Infrastructure (MS MICE) without using the optional KLICK&SHOW USB Wifi adapter. With optional KLICK&SHOW USB Wifi Adapter, Miracast P2P and MS MICE are also supported in Accesspoint and LAN Infrastructure network modes.
  2. Preparation for future support of firmware downloads from Kindermann OTA server 
  3. Support for HTTPS access to internal web interface
  4. New "Pause Sharing" function in the WirelessMedia client, which can be used to temporarily freeze the image content of the laptop during an active transfer
  5. When using the WirelessMedia client in conjunction with base devices with an older hardware and firmware version, there is no longer a message informing you to adapt the client.
  6. Introduction of the new KLICK&SHOW Screen Link function:
    The Screen Link function enables 2 KLICK&SHOW base devices to link, so that the now duplicated HDMI outputs and processors form a more powerful base system with dual monitor output and extended functionality
  7. KLICK&SHOW Now offers additional support for secure 802.1X EAP-TLS authentication for wired connection via Ethernet   

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug where a Miracast-over-Infrastructure connection could not be established over LAN port 1.
  2. Fixed a bug where English was not set as the factory language when performing a reset.
  3. The pop-up screen message indicating the successful completion of the update after a firmware update now disappears automatically after 30 seconds and no longer needs to be confirmed by a PC mouse connected to the base

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app (and the USB-A transmitter), multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10.

Application software

Wireless Media
for Windows

Wireless Media Portable
for Windows

Wireless Media
for Android

Wireless Media
for macOS

Mac & Windows


Quick Start Guide

User manual

License Matters

Logo overlay on the homescreen

RS232/Telnet commands
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Firmware history

Product name:KLICK&SHOW K-4x series
File size:436 MB
Release Date:27.03.2022

Change log version K1074


  1. The transmitters purchased in conjunction with the Klick&Show K-FX can also be used on the K-4x with this firmware
    (SKU 7488000344/7488000345)
  2. The security level in the basic configuration has been raised, from now on security level 2 is preset and the PIN code has 8 digits. 
  3. CEC control extended: A compatible display device can now wake the Klick&Show K-4x from standby mode as well.
  4. Manual search for OTA updates 
  5. The time server can be configured manually
  6. Local time servers are supported
  7. Chromecast support under Android via Google Home App
  8. HDMI and USB-C transmitters can now be assigned names
  9. The switching interval between the home screens can now be configured.
  10. Splitscreen display: If a unit is enlarged from the splitscreen to the fullscreen mode and then reduced again, the display is retained.

Bug fixes:

  1. Audio playback via HDMI now also works correctly in connection with a projector with WUXGA resolution. 
  2. Audio playback now also works correctly in conjunction with the USB-C transmitter and Intel Iris graphics cards (Intel Gen 11 processors). 
  3. Airplay was adapted to the requirements of computers with Apple Silicon (M1)
  4.  Software adaptation to MacOS Monterey, which now only supports 4-digit Airplay pins
  5. Admin passwords with more than 16 characters could be assigned but not entered

Known Errors:

  1. When using the WirelessMedia app (and the USB-A transmitter), multitouch is not reliably supported under Windows 10.
  2. A firmware downgrade is only possible if the installation is done via USB stick. (Deletes the configuration)
Product name:KLICK&SHOW K-4x series
File size:436 MB
Release Date:27.07.2021

Change log version K1048


  1. NEW: ChromeCast support under ChromeOS, Windows 10, MacOS X, Linux 
  2. NEW: Firmware update of the HDMI and USB-C transmitters via WLAN, in the background during use on a computer. 
  3. Addition of ChromeCast in the security settings
  4. NEW: A reboot of the base can be initiated immediately via the WebUI or defined periodically via a daily schedule. 
  5. NEW: When using an individual background, the position of the connection information and the time can be moved. The time is displayed without a background. 
  6. Design and language improvements 
  7. The time is displayed on the home screen even if KLICK & SHOW is not connected to a time server or the time has been corrected manually. 
  8. WirelessMedia Client now sorts the found devices in alphabetical order
  9. Downloading whiteboard files via QR code has been simplified.
  10. Compatibility with the KLICK&SHOW ManageTool
  11. The WirelessMedia Pro app for Windows has been renamed WirelessMedia Portable to more clearly define the difference.  

Bug fixes:

  1. Moderator menu: The arrow for expanding the menu can now be completely hidden again. 
  2. WirelessMedia Client now retains the correct aspect ratio on a 16:9 display device even 1920×1200.
  3. WebUI: Display error in Safari browser
  4. Conflicting settings for deleting data after the end of a session and for the code change interval are no longer possible. 

Known Errors:

  1. Multitouch is not reliably supported when using the WirelessMedia app (and the USB-A transmitter) under Windows 10.

Change log version K1039


  1. Miracast support in network infrastructure mode (software) and in Wifi direct mode (also requires the optional WLAN dongle
  2. New modern and clear homescreen, alternating every 10 seconds for use of Klick & Show with transmitters or with software
  3. New boat animation 
  4. Splitscreen: 11 layouts preselectable 
  5. In split screen mode press the transmitter for 2 seconds to activate the full screen display.
  6. Semi-transparent display (floating window) of the most important connection information even during a running presentation 
  7. Individually configurable security settings
    (3 standard levels + 1x individual)
  8. Inclusion of Miracast in the security settings
  9. Support for 30+ simultaneous connections via network cable 
  10. Update reminder for the transmitters after firmware update
  11. Updating Android Security Patches 
  12. Design and language improvements in the WebUI
  13. Note when exceeding the maximum simultaneous number of AirPlay and Miracast connections

Bug fixes:

  1. AirPlay transmission can no longer be activated after prolonged use 
  2. Default time zone is now Europe again (GMT+1)
  3. During SSID detection and SSID connection: When turning on the base, a wrong status is displayed so the hiding of the SSID does not work.
  4. Wrong wording in the WebGui for HDMI CEC.
  5. When upgrading FW in Croatian, the message is still displayed in English.

Known Errors:

  1. If the base cannot access a time server, the time setting must be set manually, otherwise no time will be displayed on the home screen.
  2. The time cannot be hidden and cannot be moved when using a custom background. 
  3. The arrow that opens the moderation menu can no longer be hidden. 

Change log version K1032


  1. HDMI output resolution: 1920*1200, 1280*800, 1280*720 added
  2. Hide SSID: (hotspot is visible to dongle keys, invisible to other mobile devices) in wireless direct mode.
  3. Correction of the wrong translation
  4. Change 5 GHz wifi band channel selectable (channel selection: 36,40,44,48 according to EU wifi rule)
  5. Display of the W-Lan MAC address in the WebGUI
  6. Added WebGUI option to enable and disable "clock position positioning on homescreen".
  7. USB-C dongle is supported

Bug fixes:

  1. Incorrect QR code corrected
  2. Correct wrong POU position in the WebGUI
  3. HDMI dongle not compatible with the Ubuntu system
  4. In security level 2 the HDMI dongle does not transmit a picture (black screen)
  5. In the LAN infrastructure the HDMI dongle does not transmit a picture (black screen)
  6. When using the Advanced Screen program, two mouse pointers are displayed
  7. Autoupdate problem has been corrected!

Known Errors:

  1. When upgrading FW in Croatian, the message is still displayed in English.
  2. During SSID detection and SSID connection: When turning on the base, a wrong status is displayed so the hiding of the SSID does not work.
  3. Wrong wording in the WebGui for HDMI CEC.

Open Limitations:

  1. New language added, including Turkish, Arabic

Change log version K1024

Changes / Improvements:

  • The clock on the homescreen can be dragged to any position.
  • Disable and hide/minimize the moderator arrow via the moderator control menu in the admin area.
  • For LAN 1 / LAN 2, the transmission speed (1000/100 Mbit) is displayed and POE has been activated.
  • Kindermann's default support email and number has been added to the WebGUI.
  • New languages added: Turkish, Arabic.