Schools and universities

Fun, higher attention and improved learning success.

Which teacher or lecturer wouldn't wish for it. Digital media conquered education long ago. Laptops and tablets are already part of everyday school life of many pupils and students. Now teaching could be very exciting, if everyone could present his content in an easy way.

The Klick & Show presentation system allows pupils and students to share content from their laptops or mobile devices wirelessly in a very simple way - with no configuration, no cable mess and no delay times.

Touch & Go!

Using Klick & Show all pupils and students can present their audio-visual content - even without any training.

Simply connect the Klick & Show TOUCH Transmitter to a USB port of your laptop (Win/Mac). With a short touch on the sensor button your live laptop content is mirrored to the main display device. Thanks to the „USB-HID function" the teacher can also remote control his PC content from an interactive large-format display (Touch-Screen) or interactive board.

Users of smart devices (Android/iOS) can download the free app to share their content. IOS devices can use the built-in Airplay function instead. 

Collaboration – simple and secure

Klick & Show is perfect for schools and universities. You can rest assured that your content is secured while being transmitted wirelessly, due to the implementation of security standards. Klick & Show provides its own standalone WiFi network and allows shared content to be edited and saved.

Klick & Show is available as a kit, containing the K-10S base unit and two Klick & Show TOUCH transmitters. Additional transmitters can be purchased as an option.

For additional information please see our brochure.