Klick & Show Firmware Update

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neuen Features der FW2.2
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Product Name: Klick & Show K-10S Kit (7488000300)
Version: V2.2.3C.K1027
Filesize: 285 MB
Release Date: 07.05.2018

New Features:

  • Support "Preview windows" of all attached buttons (see chapter 5.3 in Manual)
  • Support "Low Latency Mouse" for smooth mouse cursor (see chapter 7 in Manual) and ideal video playback

Changes / Improvements: 

  • Change the trigger action for HDMI auto-switch priority to be staying 5s on home page (see chapter 5.4.5 in Manual)
  • Enable TOUCHSCREEN, even when "Remote Control" is disabled by PC right-click menu
  • Wake-up from STANDBY upon external HDMI-IN signal detection
  • Add manual refresh button in Homepage to change the WiFi password (see chapter 2.2.1)
  • Add WiFi indicator icon on Homepage (see chapter 2.2.1)
  • Add return icon on APP local files pictures remaining on main screen
  • Optimized video playback
  • Support AirPlay 2 mirroring from iOS 11.3/11.4 device

Solved Bugfixes: 

  • Optimized AirPlay on YouTube
  • Solved the incorrect position cursor problem
  • Solved Android mirroring problem
  • Sync "Remote View" between PC right-click menu and base unit setting menu Version: V2.1.3C.

Recommended for all Units
Please see important remarks for units with Serial number 0181804xxx, FW V2.1.1.C K1014:
It may be necessary, to update to version V2.1.3C.K1022 first, before update to V2.2.3C.K1027 !

No “Factory Reset” (via the menu „System Update“ / „Factory reset”) is needed!

Needs update of Firmware of Sensor-button TOUCH (V2.0.8C) and STARTER program (V1.2.8.3) on Laptop

New features are described in updated "User Manual", release for Firmware 2.2.1C - 5.2018